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What You Will Learn Session #7

Session#7 Healthy Fats and Oils are macro-nutrients that our bodies use for one source energy. For years the food industry told us ALL fats were bad and we should avoid them, so we had diets that were low in fat for years. Studies now show that we need fats and oils for essential functions of our body, but we need to consume only the healthy sources of these nutrients. Which fats and oils are considered healthy? Is Canola oil a healthy oil? Can I only consume olive oil and coconut oil? Can I ever eat fried foods again? These questions are answered in this session.

What about essential oils? Can you ingest these or are they only good for diffusers? I love essential oils and I want to show you the ones I use and how I use them.

Healthy fats can promote weight loss, lower HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and decrease the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer. Would you like to learn how to add healthy fats and oils into your diet? Schedule a time to discuss this during a free Discovery Health Consult.


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