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What You Will Learn Session #6

Session #6 Fruits are the edible fleshy part of a tree or a plant that contain seeds. They are a great source of many of the nutrients that our body requires. Did you know there were 8 main types of fruits? Do you know which fruits are best for your body? If suffer from diabetes you should not eat high sugar fruits like pineapples, bananas or mangos because these fruits have a high glycemic index. What is a glycemic index? Since all fruits have a natural sugar content, which fruits should you be eating? Should you drink fruit juice, the packages say 100% real fruit juice? I love to answer these questions during this session.

How about a physical or virtual grocery shopping trip during this session? I can show you how to shop for healthy bargains and how to read labels during your shopping trip so that you don't spend hours in the grocery store. Do you buy organic or not? What's in those bins at the grocery store? The shopping trip will address these questions. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of diminished health, loss of limbs or even death. But with medication and diet, or even sometimes diet alone it can be controlled completely. Would you like to learn how to change you diet to reduce your risk of diabetes or keep your blood sugar managed? Go to my website today and schedule a free Discovery Health Consult and get started on transforming your health.


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