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Test Drive of My Comprehensive Health Program

Session #2 What is clean eating? According to Terry Walter "clean eating is about being empowered with knowledge, making the best choices that we can, going easy on ourselves, and doing the best that we can do from day to day."

The basis of clean eating is consuming primarily whole, unprocessed food. During this session we discuss in detail what is "clean eating" and how you can develop this lifestyle and diet.

Meal planning; a phrase we hear often, is the key to clean eating. I teach you how to create a meal plan that fits your lifestyle. Supermarket tour! This is the fun part! You have been grocery shopping for years and have done well! But let me give you some tips on grocery shopping that will help to transition to "clean eating" You want to learn more on how my health program can help you transform your life? Visit my website; and schedule a free Health Consultation today! Don't wait any longer to begin creating your clean eating habits!!


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