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New Year Commitment

I don't like to call it a resolution but rather a commitment, a commitment to make a change and be disciplined enough to convert that change into a habit.

My health commitment for the new year is to give up my unhealthy food, that I called a weakness. You ready for this? I gave up one of my favorite snack food, POTATO CHIPS! I have tried everything I could think of to hold on to this unhealthy food. It was an issue because I would eat to many of them too often. I tried reducing the frequency I would eat them to 1-2 times a week. I chose the healthiest brand I could find, no ingredients other than potato and avocado oil. I even tried to control my portion size. None of these attempts worked. I would purchase 2-3 bags every weekend and eat the entire bag at one time.

To overcome this weakness, I had to call this problem what it really was, over indulgence. I was using this food as a comfort. It was time to give it up! I had to kick this over indulgence to the curb!

What is your health commitment for the new year? What health change are you going to make this year?



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