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Change of Season Self-Care

With the crispness in the air, the ushering in of the fall weather gives me a sense of calmness and relaxation. For most of us the weeks are back normal, kids in school, vacations complete and summer clean finish. This time of year makes us think of slowing down from the busy summer months and implementing some self-care time into my schedule.

What is self-care? Self-care is more than doing things for yourself you enjoy.

Its the practice of taking an active role to preserve or improve one's health. For instance, a spa day or treating yourself to a new outfit can be considered self-care, if doing theses activities helps you to improve your health through increased physical activity or mindful relaxation.

My self-care activity this month was a spa day at "LaDonnia's Nail Salon". I have everything I need at home for a relaxing manicure. I spent 2 hours or more of quality time pampering myself. This is something I truly enjoy and find relaxing but seldom take the opportunity to indulge. The end result, beautiful nails and a quiet relaxing evening.

What are your self-care enjoyments?

You need suggestion for self-care ideas? Try incorporating one of these into your schedule:

1. Take a quick nap during the day while home alone

2. Take a hot bath with your favorite essential oils

3. Have dinner on the patio of your favorite restaurant and people watch

4. Spend some time reading a book in a quiet place

5. Spend some time alone on a walk

Let's make October the start of regular your self-care journey and watch your life start to transform.


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