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I have a long history of dieting and poor food choices.  I became an RN in 2009 and was forced to learn more about good nutrition and balance meals.  I have even been required to teach diets and food choices to my patients for health improvement.  I start with this information only to express how surprised, delighted, and thankful I was to find out I didn’t know much about health training. I have learned that it takes more than good food choices to feel good and be healthy.

The program was personalized, which helps you to focus. I struggle with time. I very busy and stressed out all the time. The time I spent on phone calls for my sessions become therapeutic because it forced me to take time for me.  I felt too busy to be on the phone but at the same time I needed this information. I believe the key to this program is planning, planning, planning. The information was never complicated. What impressed me most was the information was not overwhelming and the changes were small and a little at a time. I called them baby steps.   


Florine, AR